Muslims and Christians Cooperate to Rebuild a Church in Egypt

ICC Note: In April 2017, clashes between Muslims and Coptic Christians damaged an old church building. Now, Muslims and Christians have come together to help build a church to replace the damaged one. This is an encouraging sign of solidarity, setting an example for Muslims and Christians throughout Egypt.

02/21/2018 Egypt (Egypt Independent) – Muslims and Copts in the Kom al-Loufi Village of Samalut city in Minya have started to build a church by the name of “the virgin and the martyr Abanoub” after clashes erupted between Muslims and Copts that led to the damage of the old church building in April 2017.

The village inhabitants stressed the unity, cooperation, and love of the nation during the challenges facing the country at the moment.

Ibrahim Mohammed, a resident in Kom al-Loufi, said that the construction of the church commenced with the participation of Muslims in December 2017 on a plot outside the village upon a request of the Eparchy of Minya.

Parliamentarian Magdy Malak said that Samalut inhabitants are known for their honesty and cooperation regardless of religion, color or creed. Malak asserted that the participation of Copts and Muslims in building the church proves the deep affection between them.

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