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ICC Note: After serving for nearly 20 years as a chaplain at Brixton Prison, Paul Song was told that he may no longer speak with inmates. The senior chaplain, a Muslim, noted that Song’s teachings were “extreme,” a claim which Song and multiple former inmates have denied. In response, the group Christian Concern launched a petition on Song’s behalf, garnering nearly 30,000 signatures at the time of writing.

02/16/2018 United Kingdom (The Christian Institute) – Over 20,000 people are urging Brixton Prison to reinstate a Christian chaplain who says he was unfairly ousted.

Paul Song volunteered at the prison for almost 20 years but was told last year by the Senior Chaplain, a Muslim, that he was no longer allowed to speak to inmates.

An official later confirmed the exclusion, prompting Christian Concern to take up the case and launch a petition calling for Song’s return.

Former prisoners have spoken out in his defence, saying he was a “light in the darkness” and a source of continuous support.

Paul Song, who is 48 and from South Korea, says he was forced out after accusations that he was teaching ‘extreme’ beliefs and had derided a prisoner.

But the allegations are false, Song attests, stating that he has worked in prisons for many years without a complaint.

He told the Daily Express that the culture in prison promoted Islam – “If someone is secular and in prison and they want to lead a peaceful life in prison they need to become Muslim.

“That way they are protected.”

“My heart is disappointed”, he said, before declaring that he wants to clear his name.

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