Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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By Linda Jones

02/15/2018 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – Radical groups like Boko Haram and Fulani militants have brutally murdered thousands of innocent victims in recent years and continue to commit atrocities with impunity. These Islamic terrorist groups consistently target Christians because they see them as enemies of their “holy war.”  They continue to attack Christian villages throughout the country. Their tactic: Convert to Islam or lose your home.

During October 2016, Fulani militants carried out attacks against five Christian villages in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The perpetrators burned many houses, destroyed crops, and murdered or injured many of the residents. The majority of the affected residents had to move out of their towns because they lost everything they had. These victims fled to Kafanchan and other nearby communities to seek refuge and safety.

Elizabeth, a resident from Goska town, said, “My husband took two of our sons to go with him to our farm where we had harvested our beans and wrapped them in the tarpaulin on the farm. While they had filled two bags and were doing the third bag suddenly the Fulani herdsmen appeared. One of our sons escaped and fled back home, but the other two were attacked and killed. The boy that fled told us that the Fulani attacked them, but he was able to escape.  On tracing back to the farm their corpses were found; my son was 15 years. They were buried that night.”

Many of those displaced were able to resettle at internally displaced persons (IDP) camps through the assistance of their local churches. However, the camps lacked the resources to support everyone and the local government refused to assist them (the governor is a Fulani Muslim). These victims had already lost their loved ones, their possessions, and their only source of income since the majority are farmers. They were forced to depend on donations to obtain food, clothing, and other necessities.

God always finds a way to provide for His people and, thanks to the support of generous donors, ICC was able to provide a one-month supply of groceries to 110 families in the IDP camps. ICC also donated clothes to 801 children, 160 women, and 113 men who are living in the camps. They received this donation with gratitude as they saw God’s love for them in all of this.

One displaced Christian from Bakin Kogi Kaninkon said, “We are grateful to all our fellow brethren abroad for helping us. We thank God who provides for them to in return help us. We are always thankful!  As they help us, may God continue to make way and provide for them. We have suffered great losses – our possessions, houses burnt, several valuables lost. We are still facing daily threats in our areas. We are pleading that whatever can be done to get these Fulani herdsmen leave our area we will be grateful. We thank our fellow Christians for all these items that we see here, we are really grateful.”

The majority of these affected families are still not able to return home or work on their farms because of the destruction left behind. They also continue to live in fear because they have received threats from Fulani militants and have witnessed recurring attacks. Therefore, we ask that you continue to pray for safety and provision for these families. Pray that God will also heal them and use them as a testimony of His love.