Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

Al-Shabaab radicals target the most vulnerable in society in order to carry out their jihad. The Star (Kenya) reports that Shabaab recruiters take advantage of the poverty and the low education levels of families to lure youth into their ranks.

2/9/2018 Somalia  (The Star) – Families in Kwale whose sons and daughters are fighting alongside al Shabaab militants in Somalia are bitter at the path their children have taken, and frustrated by years of searching for them in vain.

They have resigned hope of ever seeing their children alive again, believing they will be hunted down by the government once they sneak back into the country.

Egged on by extremist Islamic preachers, their sons crossed over to Somali to join al Shabaab in the hope of earning huge sums they would then send back home.

Several families interviewed say they were supposedly to get at leash Sh50,000 as their sons fought alongside other foreigners in Somalia.

By the time the youths learnt their pay would be a fraction of what they had been promised, and that they would hastily be trained on frontline combat, their cell phones and identification had been confiscated.

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