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Seven Church leaders in Sudan have been fined for defending a Churches school property from Muslim businesses who are illegally trying to take over the land. The leaders say that the land belongs to the church and has for many years. A government appointed committee who has no legal authority over the church has said that they have sold the land however. These leaders along with more than a dozen others were forced to go to court for their attempts to block the business. This shows continued human rights abuses by the Sudanese regime. 

02/07/2018 Sudan (MorningStarNews) A court in Sudan has fined seven church leaders fighting a takeover of their school in Omdurman for “objection to authorities,” a church leader said.

The court yesterday (Feb. 5) found Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC) elder Yohanna Tia guilty under articles 182/183 for objection to authorities and fined him 5,000 Sudanese Pounds (US$275), the Rev. Yahia Abdelrahim Nalu told Morning Star News.

Tia was one of 26 church leaders who have appeared in court since last week for defending a Muslim business interest’s attempt to illegally seize the Evangelical School of Omdurman, Nalu said. Seven of the church leaders were ordered to pay fines of 2,500 Sudanese pounds (US$137) each, and the other 19 were freed for lack of evidence, he said.

Two pastors – the Rev. Dawoud Fadul, SPEC moderator, and the Rev. Edris Kartina – were also fined 2,500 each. Church elders Adam George, Bolus Tutu and one identified only as Azhari, were also fined, along with school director Ustaz Dauod Musa Namnam.


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