Persecution Prevents Christian Parents in North Korea from Sharing Their Faith with Their Children

ICC Note:

People in North Korea are brainwashed at a very early age to worship their communist and tyrant leader. Kids are taught to also be informants in school and report if they notice signs of “treason” in their homes. This controlling regime has made it extremely difficult for many Christian parents to share their faith with their own kids.

2/3/2018 North Korea (Christian Daily) – Christian parents in North Korea cannot share their faith with their children or would have to wait until their kids were old enough to know the “family secret” since they know that authorities could go after them and persecute them if news got out.

Lee Joo-Chan (not his real name), who is now a pastor in China, only discovered that his parents were Christians after 30 years. He always knew that they were different and noticed that they read a “secret book” every night, but he only became privy to the details when they escaped persecution from North Korea and fled to China in the late 90’s, Open Doors USA detailed.

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