US Judge Blocks Deportation of 50 Indonesian Christians

ICC Note:

Several Christians have been forced to leave everything behind because they fear for their lives in Muslim dominated countries like Indonesia. Unfortunately, these victims have had to relocate to countries where they are not necessarily welcomed and face many other challenges in addition to the new culture. Fortunately, there are some who recognize the persecution these victims face and are willing to speak up on their behalf.

2/2/2018 Indonesia (Christian Post) – A federal judge on Thursday blocked the deportation of 50 Indonesian Christians who have been living illegally in New Hampshire while they seek to reopen their immigration cases to argue they would likely face religious persecution in their home country.

The group includes people who fled violence in that country two decades ago and had been living openly for years in New England under an informal deal with Immigration and Customs Enforcement until President Donald Trump’s administration last year ordered an end to the arrangement.

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