Fight Against al-Shabaab Stymied by Poor Communication and Low Morale

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The fight against al-Shabaab has been ongoing and impossible to win because of poor communication and low morale. This is what the Kenyan officials in charge of the Operation Linda Boni have stated as the main reason they haven’t defeated the terrorist organization. Due to this lack of coordination and communication, Christians continue to be killed in Kenya, especially in counties bordering Somalia. We hope that the two governments can learn to work together better and end al-Shabaab. 

02/02/2018 Kenya (AllAfrica) On January 19, then Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa said the operation must succeed. The presence of Al-Shabaab sympathisers and the increased number of Al-Shabaab returnees in the counties are also key hindrances to the war.

Lack of cooperation between locals and security agencies has been cited for the government’s failure to wipe out Al-Shabaab in three counties, three years since Operation Linda Boni was launched.

The Nation learned that failure by the government to deploy security personnel and administrators who understood local culture and terrain, and could easily interact with residents and share intelligence, had also hindered the fight against the terrorists.


The poor state of the Garsen-Lamu road that has remained untarmacked since independence, despite the launch of works by President Uhuru Kenyatta last March, has further made it easy for the terrorists to plant explosives.

Motorists using the route have become easy targets for the attacks with security personnel questioning ranch owners and businessmen suspected of funding the Somalia-based terrorists.

Security personnel interviewed on condition of anonymity claimed some of their bosses were not keen on flushing out Al-Shabaab from the areas in order to continue pocketing huge allowances.


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