Church Leaders in Northern India Report “Deep Sense of Insecurity” to Political Leader

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Christian leaders from the Christian-dominated state of Meghalaya have reported to Congress Party President, Rahul Gandhi, a “deep sense of insecurity” has gripped their community following reports of attacks across the nation. Attacks on Christians and their places of worship have escalated in recent years in both number and intensity. Recently, Open Doors USA ranked India 11th on it list of countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian. Will reporting this sense of insecurity to the country’s political leaders help lead to positive change in India? 

02/01/2018 India (Times of India) – Representatives of churches and tribal leaders in Christian-dominated Meghalaya on Wednesday told Congress president Rahul Gandhi that a “deep sense of insecurity” has gripped them following reports of attacks on minority institutions across the country.

Gandhi is on a two-day visit to the state to campaign for the 60-member Meghalaya assembly elections on February 27.

In a meeting, church representatives and leaders of the indigenous Seng Khasi and other minority groups told the Congress chief that they were particularly worried about “intolerance” towards one’s food habits, language and culture.

“We expressed our concern with the kind of ideology that is being imposed, which is a danger. We have to grow together and respect everybody,” Bishop Michael of the Church of North India told PTI after the meeting.

Unitarian Church leader Derrick P Pariat said his group had an interactive meeting with the Gandhi scion in which they “agreed to disagree” on a lot of issues.

“Rahul talked about unity in diversity and that the Congress party cannot change the principle of inclusiveness in the country while safeguarding national and local interests,” he said.

The church leader also raised concerns about religious insecurity prevailing in the country.

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