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Christians in China are not allowed to freely participate in their own worship services since they are seen as second class citizens. Unfortunately, the persecution of Christians in China is nothing new and the situation continues to get even more challenging for them. As Christianity continues to be less tolerated in countries like China, Indonesia, and North Korea, they also continue to face an increase in discrimination and hostility from their own communities.

2/1/2018 China(Christian Daily) –  Starting with the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar (usually in January in the Gregorian calendar), the air is filled with Spring Festival spirit in rural China. In the old time when the life was much slower, this was the time to begin holiday shopping. Vendors would sell goods on the streets and valleys pulling little carts. When children saw their parents preparing, they’d know Spring Festival was just around the corner and winter vacation was not far away either.

Today we’re going to talk about Laba Festival, the first festival in the 12th lunar month, also called ‘la month’ and eight is pronounced as ‘Ba’ in Chinese.

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