Christian Convert in Uganda Loses Everything for His Faith

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A Christian Convert in Uganda has lost everything. After he started questioning his Islamic faith, Abdullah started speaking with pastors about Christ and Christianity. When he finally decided to change to the new religion, he couldn’t hide it from his wife and children. He went home and told them about this new faith. The wife became very upset and kicked him out of the house. The next day, he was confronted by his father and other members of his old mosque. His father disowned him for his new faith. Over the course of the two days, he lost his father, Wife, Children and all of his possessions, simply because he decided to follow Christ. This is common in many African and Islamic nations. 

02/01/2018 Uganda (MorningStar) In a village in eastern Uganda, it took no more than a day for Munabi Abudallah to lose his wife and seven children after putting his faith in Christ.

“The Muslims are searching to kill me,” Abudallah, 37, told Morning Star News by phone. “My family members have deserted me. I am spending sleepless nights.”

The former Muslim is in hiding after a few simple inquiries of Islamic and Christian leaders in Tirinyi sub-county, Kibuku District, put him on a short journey to faith in Christ.

About two months ago he asked an Islamic teacher, or sheikh, why Arabic was used during Friday prayers at Kataka mosque in Kataka II village. He did not understand Arabic, he told the sheikh.

“When I questioned the sheikh about the use of Arabic language, he said that Arabic is the language in which Allah communicated his message to prophet Muhammad, hence it should not be questioned,” Abudallah said.

Troubled by this reply, he began asking Christians how their God communicated to them.


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