Chinese Christians Hope UK Prime Minister to Call Out on the Regime

ICC Note:

Christians in China live a nightmare they are unable to escape. The government considers Christians a threat and the regime continues to harass and persecute them unceasingly. Sadly, many Christians expect that international intervention would pressure the government to stop the hostility against them, but China has proven that is not enough and portrait false image instead.

1/31/2018 China(Christian Today) –  Prime Minister Theresa May’s first official visit to China, which begins today, is billed as an opportunity to boost trade with an important ally. But it will also take place against the backdrop of the country’s violations of fundamental human rights, including freedom of religion or belief.

In the last month, Christians have been detained, and unregistered churches shut down or destroyed ahead of the implementation of revised Regulations on Religious Affairs, which strengthen state control over religious activities in China.

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