Persecuted Indonesian Men Seek Refuge in US Church

ICC Note:

Several Christians in Indonesia have had to flee their countries because of the persecution that harasses them. Unfortunately, political, cultural and religious forces all contribute to this persecution against Christians in many countries of South East Asia.  Some of these victims have managed to escape and relocate in different parts of the world. Even though these victims escaped to save their families and themselves, they have not received the support they expected in their new communities and fear being deported, while others that have criminal records are granted accommodations and support.  

1/30/2018 Indonesia (The Global Dispatch) – An Indonesian man who overstayed his visa is the latest to seek sanctuary in a New Jersey church after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) police allegedly tried to pick him up from his home, according to the church’s co-pastor.

Harry Pangemanan was backing out of his driveway Thursday morning when he spotted a black Ford Explorer with tinted windows that turned on its engine, the Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, co-pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park, said in a phone interview.

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