For the First Time Since ISIS, Baptism Occurs in St. George’s Church

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For the first time since ISIS forcibly occupied the Nineveh Plains, baptisms were able to take place in the Chaldean church of St. George in Teleskof. ISIS had left the church partially destroyed; gaping holes in the walls and vandalized rooms could be found around every corner of the church. The militants had also defiled the church’s alter. Christians in Teleskof have had an incredibly difficult time rebuilding their lives after ISIS. In October 2017, formerly displaced Christians were displaced once again due to the escalating tensions between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraq Central Government. The thirteen baptisms which took place on January 6th, Three Kings Day (Epiphany), is also a sign of hope among Teleskof residents that they too can start their lives anew in the Nineveh Plains.


01/30/2018 Iraq (European Post) –   13 baptisms in the Nineveh Plain for the first time after ISIS’ occupation of Christian villages

13 babies, 8 boys and 5 girls, were christianised in the Chaldean church of St. George in Teleskoff (Nineveh Plain, Iraq) on January 6. “This is the first time the sacrament of the baptism took place after ISIS’ occupation of the Nineveh Plain. This is our response to the violence we faced and this is a sign of hope and joy for the future of this land. We are back on track,” Father Salar Kajo said to SIR News Agency.

“It was incredibly nice to watch the faces of the families after the baptisms. The town is coming back to life. They wanted to eliminate us but this is our response!” he continued.

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