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ICC Note:

Chinese churches had a rapid growth in the past, but with the new restrictions and harassment they face, this is no longer true. Unfortunately, many have to meet in secret when conducting their worship and prayer services because they can be punished for not obtaining prior permission from the government. Earlier this month, the government demolished one of China’s largest churches in front of many of its congregants for not being registered. The government has also promised to get stricter with Christians starting Feb. 1.

1/30/2018 China(Christian Daily) –  Nearly forty years after China’s opening-up policy, the country has seen rapid development in its churches. The number of believers reached its peak since Protestantism entered China 200 years ago. Many pastors and believers are very optimistic about Chinese churches’ revival, thinking the country is going to be a missionary’s kingdom.

However, other pastors and scholars point out that the development of Chinese churches has reached its ceiling with signs of slowing down in growth in recent years. It may not be easy to recreate the strong momentum as in the beginning of the opening-up.

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