North Korea Uses Actors to Portrait Religious Freedom

ICC Note:

North Korea is a dangerous place for Christians since they have no freedom and live restricted and in fear of being punished by the regime. Unfortunately, Kim Jong –Un denies the brutality Christians endure and portraits a false reality to the world.

1/29/2018 North Korea (The Global Dispatch) – In an powerful new investigation highlighting the treatment of Christians in North Korea comes news that the Kim Jong-un regime has videos using actors to appear tolerant of religious expression. A defector claims that people in North Korea are compelled to worship a sole entity; Kim Jong-un, their Supreme Leader.

Joo-Eun, the North Korean defector recently revealed that there is absolutely no religious freedom in North Korea, and people who believe in religion, especially Christianity will be mercilessly killed.

“There is no religious freedom in North Korea. People are simply killed if they believe in Jesus. Kim Jong-un is god and there cannot be any god besides him. Yes, there are church services in North Korea but only when foreigners are present. The state calls up some locals to be present,” Joo-Eun told Express.

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