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Christians in China are brutally persecuted by the government. Unfortunately, these Christians are trapped in a system that sees them as a threat because of their faith. The government in currently cracking down on several churches and is planning to implement stricter policies on Christians.

1/28/2018 China (MNN) – There’s been a lot of noise lately about the rising persecution of Christians taking place in parts of China, including the destruction of multiple churches in the last several months. While the lives of Chinese believers may look grim in some places, Bibles for China’s James St. John says oppression is not the story for all Christians in the nation. Many are worshipping the name of Jesus freely.

St. John says there are two defining factors for Christians who are persecuted and those who aren’t. These are based on location and if their church is underground or legally registered with the state. These factors have created a wide range of relationships between the underground Church, the state Church, and the government.

“When it comes to China and dealing with religious issues, a lot of those are very local,” St. John says. “Changing of leadership on a local level, many times changes policies or changes the enforcement of policies. Some people are much more conservative – and when I say conservative, I mean they’re more hardline.”

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