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ICC Note:

 Christians in Cuba have experienced the hostility of the communist government for a long time. Similar to China, Christians in Cuba have not been allowed to celebrate Christmas, have witnessed the destruction or repossession of their churches, and even gone to prison for having a different opinion and expressing it.  Unfortunately, not many pay attention to the violations against Christians in Cuba since the government gives a different face to the outside world and the majority of the cases do not even make it into the general public eye.

 1/26/2018 Cuba (Local 10) –  Jose Felix Perez, better known as Father Pepe, defied the norms and became the first working-class priest in the Communist Cuba of the 1970s.

When he walked into a government office to ask for work in 1974, the young priest left an official speechless. Atheism was the official doctrine. Many priests were imprisoned or forced to flee the country. The official knew Perez was brave to wear a cassock.

Perez continued his work as a parish priest of the town of Jovellanos, in the province of Matanzas. About 10 months after he made his request for employment, he received a letter of approval. He was 27 when he took on the job of carrying heavy metal that he could barely lift.

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