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Christians in North Korea are afraid of sharing their faith even with their family members. The regime punishes Christians for their faith, but the hostility they really endure on behalf of the government does not even make it to the public eye. Unfortunately, international organizations do not pay the attention this deserves as a brutal violation to human rights.

1/27/2018 North Korea (IB Times) – An investigation conducted by Express.UK has revealed some spine-chilling treatments Christians receive in North Korea. Many photos of Christian churches were recently made public in North Korea, and it featured believers praying peacefully inside. But as per the Express report, the people who are portrayed in these photographs are paid actors, and the Kim Jong-un regime has made such an arrangement to make the global public believe that North Korea is a place where people enjoy religious freedom.

According to reports, there exist many fake churches in North Korea, and these religious places are kept packed with actors in disguise of devotees when foreign visitors are in town.

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