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ICC Note:

North Korea is the most dangerous place for Christians to live in according to the World Watch List. The regime has indoctrinated almost everyone in the country as they want to control every aspect of their lives, including how and who the citizens worship. Unfortunately, this sad situation forces Christians to be extra careful when talking about their faith and many keep it away from their own family members.

1/26/2018 North Korea (Christian Post) – A North Korean pastor, now living in China, has revealed that Christian parents in the country are forced to hide their faith from their own children for decades, fearful of what authorities will do to the family if they are discovered.

The pastor, Lee Joo-Chan, told persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA that he grew up in North Korea without ever knowing that his parents practiced Christianity.

“I knew my parents were different. Everybody called them ‘Communist parents,’ because they took care of the sick, the poor and the needy. At night, they read from a secret book, which I wasn’t allowed to read from,” he recalled.

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