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According to Somalian Officials, 35 children have been rescued from al-Shabaab. The terrorist organization has been stepping up its recruiting effort over the past few months, specifically trying to get children. Due to this, the government and outside agencies have been trying to end the trafficking of these kids. On Jan 19, these 35 children were rescued from an indoctrination camp in southern Somalia. They are now trying to help the children rehabilitate and get back to normal society. 

01/26/2018 Somalia (Xinhua) The Somali government confirmed Wednesday its security forces rescued 35 children who had been taken as recruits by the Islamist militant group, Al-Shabaab.

The ministry of information said the government is looking after the un-accompanied children who are now receiving full protection and rights after being rescued from terrorists groups on Jan. 19.

“The government will provide all basic services to these children, as the necessity in rehabilitating these children is indeed critical to their long-term physiological and mental well-being,” the ministry said in a statement issued in Mogadishu.

The security forces rescued 35 kidnapped male children from an Al-Shabaab indoctrination camp in southern Somalia after receiving credible information on the location of the camp and the activities that were going on for a while.

“As soon as the information was verified Somali National Security Forces began their operation, which was very successful,” the ministry said.

The militants claimed during the rescue operation that government forces backed by drones stormed the school in Middle Shabelle region, killing four children and a teacher.

There has been no comment on the government on the claim.

The government expressed its commitment to carrying out military operations in order to bring peace and safety in the country and vowed never to accept children to be used as militias.


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