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Hundreds of Christians in China end up in jail from wrongful accusations on behalf of the government. Many of these Christians are accused of breaking the law for belonging to a “cult” without any real proof, but many are tortured or killed for not submitting to the communist wishes of the government. Unfortunately, this hostile treatment towards Christians is nothing new and the government is planning to implement even more restrictions on Christians.

1/25/2018 China(Sight Magazine) –  A Chinese court in the southwestern province of Yunnan sent six Protestant Christians to prison last week for their membership of an “evil cult”.

The verdict comes as part of a provincial crackdown on cults, as the ruling Communist Party continues its national campaign to restrict unregistered churches before new religious regulations come into force next week.

The six Christians received long sentences of up to 13 years by a court in Lincang city, west Yunnan, which found them guilty of being part of a sect called the Three Grades of Servants and of “using an evil cult to organize to undermine law enforcement”, their lawyer, Xiao Yunyang, told Radio Free Asia.

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