Iran Protests Provided Many Opportunities for Sharing the Gospel, Despite Persecution Risks

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While the protests in Iran have largely slowed down, they shined a light on just how much Iranians desire positive change for their country. The protests opened up opportunities for sharing the Gospel, further demonstrating how God is building the underground church in Iran. The rapid spread of Christianity greatly concerns the regime’s hardline Islamic leaders, who view conversion to Christianity as a threat to national security. The more Christianity grows in Iran, the more the regime increases the persecution of Christians. Even so, as the recent protests illustrate, the church has not been discouraged from sharing the news of the Gospel message.


01/25/2018 Iran (CBN) –  This may come as a surprise to many, but Christianity is growing faster in the Islamic Republic of Iran than in any other country in the world.

Tens of thousands in this overwhelmingly Muslim nation are abandoning that faith.

Experts say the ongoing political crisis and economic challenges are fueling widespread anger against the regime.

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani is promising to resolve the country’s economic, social and political problems after days of protests gripped the Islamic nation last month.

“I want to promise our people, that the economic, social and cultural conditions of the country, although there are problems, although the people haven’t still achieved their dreams and demands, the government is capable of resolving the problems with the help of the people,” Rouhani told Iran’s state TV media. “God willing, together we’ll solve problems step-by-step.”

At least 21 people died in clashes with police, and over 1000 were arrested, after Iranians held demonstrations across the country against government repression and the poor state of the economy.

Mike Ansari says political turmoil is creating unique opportunities to share the love of Christ.

“Many Iranian Christians have turned to us asking what it is they need to do,” Ansari wrote in an email.

Ansari is the president of Heart4Iran Ministries, which describes itself as “a non-political partnership of multi-national organizations” bringing some 86 different ministries together with the goal of serving and blessing the people of Iran.

He says with all the negative news about Iran, it is easy to miss the big and often untold story of what Is really happening inside the Islamic nation.

“God is at work in Iran,” declared a confident Ansari. “Jesus is building His church, the {Holy} Spirit is transforming lives and the gospel is on the move.”

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