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By Linda Jones

1/25/2018 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – Thousands of Syrians have lost their lives, while others have been forced from their homes as a result of the civil war and the threat of the jihadist militants. A significant number of these displaced victims are currently located in Beirut, Lebanon. These refugees are now waiting for the United Nations’ assistance in relocating them or sending them back to Syria. However, Lebanon refuses to officially recognize Syrian refugees, which limits the UN in delivering aid to the victims. As a result, many Syrians rely on aid organizations for humanitarian support during this time of crisis.

One of ICC’s partners runs an outreach ministry to MBBs (Muslim background believers) in the area, in which approximately 500 MBBs participate. Unfortunately, many of the local churches in Lebanon refuse to engage with the local Syrian population for various reasons and they believe that if they ignore the refugees, they will eventually leave the country. This attitude has made it challenging for our partners to deliver aid to the MBBs, especially during winter when they do not have access to warm clothes or heat.

In December of 2017, ICC decided to partner with this ministry to help alleviate some of the challenges they were facing in assisting our brothers and sisters in Christ. Therefore, ICC provided the funding for the purchase of winter jackets to be delivered to the neediest MBBs within this ministry.

For the implementation of this project, the funds were first delivered by ICC during a trip to Lebanon. Then, our partner bought the jackets at a local store and delivered them personally to the refugees he had identified as the neediest. Fortunately, the jackets were cheaper than we budgeted for and we were able to purchase 12 extra jackets that were then delivered as well.

The beneficiaries were astonished with this donation since they have had too many discouraging interactions regarding their current situation.

“Why do you care for simple people like us?… They [Syrian War and Lebanese society] were persecuting us, but God is working with our family,” said one of the beneficiaries

Even though these victims were surprised by the jackets, they were thankful and appreciative to see how God has been using ICC to help Syrian Christians. All of this assistance that we provided was because of the kindness and love of our donors as they support the persecuted. Therefore, we ask that you pray for the strength of these Christian refugees while they are away from home. Remember to also pray for their spiritual and physical health during this difficult time.