Police Deployed to Guard Christian Schools in Central India

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Hundreds of police have been deployed to protect two Christian schools in India’s Madhya Prades state after they received threats from Hindu radicals. The radicals have been attempting to whip up hostilities at the two Christian schools and have called on their followers to break into the school grounds to perform Hindu rites. So far, police have foiled two attempts by the radicals. Hostilities against Christians, especially in Madhya Pradesh, have been escalating. Last year, Christians were falsely accused of attempting to kidnap children and forcefully convert them to Christianity by Hindu radicals. On each occasion, the children the Christians were supposedly kidnapping were their own that they were bringing to a Bible camp. 

01/24/2018 India (Eurasia News) – Hundreds of policemen were deployed to guard two Catholic educational institutions in India’s Madhya Pradesh state this week amid alleged threats from Hindu hardliners.

The move came as the Madhya Pradesh Catholic Diocesan Schools’ Association sought protection from the state high court for all its educational institutions following threats against them by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student body of the ruling pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party.

Church officials say the group is trying to whip up hostility against the Christian institutions for not allowing its members onto their campuses to perform Hindu rites and other activities.

Police were sent to guard St. Mary’s College in Vidisha on Jan. 15 after the ABVP set a Jan. 16 deadline for college authorities to allow its members to conduct Hindu prayers inside the college grounds.

Police foiled a previous bid on Jan. 4.

“The government provided full security to the college,” said college director Father Shaju Devassy.

Policemen were also sent to guard St. Joseph Convent School in Jhabua Diocese after ABVP activists threatened to storm it after accusing the school of disciplining several students for shouting patriotic slogans.

Hindu hardliners are accused of trying to establish a Hindu only state by using extreme nationalism as a major tactic.

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