Kogi State to Try Cattle Colonies, People not Happy

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Kogi State in Nigeria has planned to be the first state to build cattle colonies for the Fulani Cattle Herders. Their belief is that this will stop herders from invading farming villages and causing deadly fights to break out. However, many of the people of the state have claimed that they do not want this to happen. They say that it will be their land that is taken to establish the large colonies needed for the cattle, and that it is to help build the already powerful cattle magnates businesses in Nigeria. This also may cause similar problems compared to Benue. Benue instituted an Anti-Open Grazing Bill last November, which has led to nearly 80 Christians being slain by Fulani militants. We pray for the government to have wisdom and to protect its citizens. 

01/24/2018 Nigeria (Premier) The Yoruba people in Kogi State have rejected the proposal to establish cattle colonies for Fulani herdsmen in any of their six local government areas in the state.

Rising from a well-attended emergency national congress of the Okun Development Association (ODA) in Kabba at on Saturday, the people said the idea of opening cattle colonies as disclosed by Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Audu Ogbeh, was repugnant to equity, fairness and natural justice.

The Okun people who are in Kabba-Bunu, Ijumu, Lokoja, Yagba West, Yagba East and Mopamuro local government areas of the state said any proposal to appropriate their land for the promotion of the private business interests of Fulani herdsmen would deny them their right to their ancestral land and amount be a time bomb.

They said cattle colony is distasteful, dangerous and that the controversy over the issue can snowball into a major national disaster.

In a communique issued at the end of the congress, the ODA said the cattle colony concept was a disservice to the people’s past, present and future and is therefore unacceptable.

The state government, last week, announced that it had embraced the policy and volunteered to pioneer the model.


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