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A Christian advocacy groups in the U.K. has claimed that a pastor in India’s Tamil Nadu state was murdered this past weekend. According to reports, the pastor was found hung inside his home early Saturday morning. Local Christians claim there were signs of torture on the pastor’s body and that a gold ring was missing from his hand. Police have initiated an investigation into the death, only after local Christians held a protest demanding it. Christians and their places of worship in India have come under increasing assault. Hindu radicals, operating with near impunity, are mostly to blame for the increase in violence. Will justice be given to this pastor and his family? 

01/24/2018 India (CBN News) – India may be the world’s largest democracy, but the government often falls short when it comes to protecting Christians and other minorities from attack by militant Hindus.

In 2017, Christians experienced almost as many attacks against them during the first half of the year than during all of 2016. So far this year, there are no signs that the religious intolerance and persecution is letting up.

Just within this past week, two major incidents occurred: one in Tamil Nadu state, and another in Jammu Kashmir.

Last Saturday, parishioners of Maknayeem Church near Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu attempted to enter their church for a prayer and fasting meeting. When they arrived, they discovered the church gate was locked.

After unlocking the gate, they entered the church and found 43-year old Pastor Gideon Perisyaswamy hanging from the rafters of the church.

According to Wilson Chowdhry of the British Asian Christian Association, when police arrived on the scene they appeared “whimsical” and failed to initiate an investigation of the crime scene. Instead, they labeled the pastor’s death a suicide.

Chowdhry says the church members suspected foul play because a gold ring was missing from the pastor’s finger and there were signs of welts, bruising and torture on Pastor Gideon’s body.

“This was a particularly special day in which a large number of the church were about to attend for prayer and fasting. It would seem very unusual for a man to commit suicide before that without leaving a note,” he said.

According to Chowdhry, the church and pastor had received several death threats from militant Hindus who were angry about the church evangelizing and converting Hindus to Christianity. Pastor Gideon had reported the threats to local police.

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