The Division of Christians in China

ICC Note:

The Chinese government wants to control Christianity in the country, regardless of denomination. Unfortunately, government regulations have affected Christians because it has created a deeper division between Catholics and Protestants. All churches are required to be registered with the government, but many of these registered churches have become accomplices of the oppression on Christians who want freedom to practice their faith.  

1/23/2018 China(La Croix) –  Understanding divisions among Chinese Christians requires wider criteria than just the political angle. (Photo by Zhangzhugang)

In this week of prayer for Christian Unity, every Christian is invited to pray for a coming together of Christ’s disciples.

Many may pray for Chinese Christians who face problems over divisions.

It is well known that Christians in China, Protestants and Catholics, are subjected to various government controls.

However, under these pressures, two distinct types of churches emerged.

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