Evo Morales Reverses Religious Ban After Christian Outcry in Bolivia

ICC Note:

 Last month the Bolivian government was planning to impose a new regulation that would sentence many Christians to 5-12 years in prison. Fortunately, many Christians voiced their concerns and God answer their prayers. Recently Evo Morales announced that the government is reversing this ban on Christians.

 1/23/2018 Bolivia (Premier) –  Bolivia’s president has cancelled the country’s ban on evangelism, which was put into law last month.

President Evo Morales announced on Twitter that the government will repeal the penal code that criminalised evangelism and put restrictions on religious freedom.

He tweeted: “We have decided to repeal the Criminal System Code to avoid confusion… and have no arguments, to generate destabilisation in the country…

“We will send a letter to the Legislative Assembly in the coming days.”

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