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ICC Note:

Christians in China do not have the freedom to worship or have their services without the approval of the government.  Unfortunately, the Chinese government wants absolute power and control on how Christians practice their religion; therefore, many churches and their congregants choose not to register their churches with the government. In the last few years, many churches have been demolished, many church leaders have been threatened with removing the crosses on church buildings, and many Christians in general have been punished for sharing the gospel. Sadly, this oppression from the government continues without limits and with impunity.

1/22/2018 China(Premier) –  More than 20 Chinese government agents have raided an unregistered church and banned it for “engaging in illegal religious activities in non-religious places”.

According to Christian religious freedom charity China Aid, they interrupted the church’s service in the Ningxia region and told worshippers that they had conducted religious activities in a non-government approved building, which was illegal.

The person that led the service, Lou Siping, told the charity: “After their arrival, they first asked 30 of us to take out our ID cards and register them. We cooperated and registered them. Then, the police took us to the station for investigation.

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