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ICC Note:

Church demolitions, the tear down of crosses, and hostility towards Christians have taken place in China for a long time. However, the government is still unsatisfied with the oppression they impose on Christians; thus, they are seeking more control of their religion as a whole. The government creates and implements new laws to supposedly keep society safe, but these new rules just give them an excuse to persecute Christians freely.

1/22/2018 China(MNN) –  Release International recently named China as a “key country of concern” in their 2018 Persecution Trends Report. The UK-based group monitors and supports persecuted Christians worldwide.

According to Release International, the Chinese government is planning to unveil a new set of regulations on religious affairs next month. These new regulations may give the government more control over state churches and tighten the pressure on unregistered churches.

China also recently grabbed international attention when the Golden Lampstand Church, an evangelical megachurch in the Shanxi Province, was demolished by military police. It was the latest in a string of oppressive movements by local governing officials to restrict and regulate spiritual life.

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