Demolition of Megachurch Sparks Fear of Christians in China

ICC Note:

Several Christian churches have been demolished in the last years as part of the Chinese government crackdown. The government tries to minimize the power of Christianity by preventing Christians from sharing the gospel, meeting together for worship, and trying to control their services. Unfortunately, this type harassment is sparking fear among Christians in China who already are victims of persecution.

1/19/2018 China (Christian Daily) – Earlier this week, a church in Northern China was demolished and it is now the second church demolished in less than a month.

As the demolition continues, it immediately sparked fears of a wider campaign against Christians as authorities prepare to enforce new laws on religion.

According the witnesses and the head pastor, the police prevented access off the area around the Golden Lampstand Church in Linfen, Shanxi province and on Sunday before the construction workers detonated explosives inside. After the initial explosion, crews broke apart the remaining pieces with diggers and jackhammers.

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