Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

Oppression is an influential tool that many powerful entities, like the government, use to silence those that disagree with them. Many Christians have become oppressed and seen as a threat in society because they have recognized the One King and they have chosen to believe, trust and follow Him. In countries like North Korea, Vietnam and China to name a few, they want citizens to worship, submit and depend on the government. Unfortunately, for Christians this means persecution, discrimination, hostility  and even death.

 1/19/2018 Vietnam (World Watch Monitor) –  A Vietnamese provincial court on Tuesday upheld the five-year jail sentence of Christian blogger and activist Nguyen Van Oai.

Van Oai was sentenced at the People’s Court in the town Hoàng Mai in September to a five-year jail term and four years’ house arrest for resisting a public official and violating his probation.

Van Oai, 36, had been arrested in January by plain clothes police and accused of breaking the terms of his probation after leaving his locality for a fishing trip, which his lawyer denied his client did.

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