Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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By Linda Jones

01/18/2018 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – On November 2016, 200 Christian families in the villages of Kigam, Angwan, Magaii, Kikpene and Kiziti suffered an attack from Fulani militants. The victims saw their churches demolished, their houses burned down, and several villagers were killed or injured. The majority of the villagers are farmers who were displaced after the incident because their crops, equipment, and food storages were also destroyed.

“When we heard rumors that the Fulani were coming to attack us, we asked why. I went to a village but returned home to pick some clothes. On further warning by some of our youth, I quickly left.  Sadly, the Fulani came to our village and burnt down houses and killed people. My husband was killed and our home was destroyed; I and the children were able to escape,” said a villager named Titi

International Christian Concern (ICC) learned about this tragedy early last year and decided to develop a project in two phases to assist the 200 affected families. In July 2017, we were able to implement the first phase that benefited three out of the five villages. We were able to provide them with 250 bags (50 kg each) of fertilizer and 10 irrigation machines. The beneficiaries were grateful for this assistance and some members of the House of Representatives in Nigeria even attended the ceremony where we delivered the supplies.

In December 2017, we were able to implement the second phase of this project that benefited the other two villages. This time, we purchased 180 bags (50 kg each) of fertilizer which were delivered to everyone at a public school facility. A national executive of the Chawai Community Development Association expressed profound gratitude to ICC on behalf of the beneficiaries, stating that “the farming assistance would greatly boost the agricultural activities of the villagers and enable them to produce crops to feed themselves.”

Several of the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude as they recalled the incident. One villager, Cecilia, noted, “I got three bags of the fertilizer, so I am thankful.  May God grant help to the donors.  I farm corn, sorghum, millet, etc. My husband, my father, and brother were all killed and our house destroyed during the attack.”

Even though we were able to assist these families during a tragic time, they still live in fear of being attacked again by the perpetrators. Therefore, please pray for their safety so that they can continue to live in peace among their Christian neighbors. Ask God to provide good weather and crops for them to supply their needs and continue to provide for their families. Remember to also pray for their perseverance and unity in such dangerous times for Christians in Nigeria.