China Demands Persecuted Pastor to Hand Over Donated Money to Government

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China’s crackdown on Christianity has no boundaries or respect for basic human rights. Last week the government demolished one of China’s largest evangelical churches with the excuse that the church was operating illegally. This is not the first time the government harasses Christians as part of their campaign to control Christianity. Unfortunately, Christians are not free to exercise their religion without the government trying to intervene in single aspect of it.  

 1/18/2018 China (Christian Today) –  A court in China’s southern Guizhou province has ordered a house church pastor who had been hooded, detained and tortured to hand over more than a million US dollars worth of donations from Christians which officials have branded ‘illegal income’, according to China Aid.

The US-based campaign group reported that after seven months of battling with the authorities, pastor Su Tianfu was told that he and a fellow pastor of Huoshi Church, Yang Hua, would be forced to pay a 7,053,710.68 yuan ($1,096,499.33 USD) fine for collecting that amount in church offerings from their congregation.

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