Church Attendees in China Accused of Cult Activity Against Government

ICC Note:

Christians in China have been strictly monitored by the government, who tries to regulate church attendance, worship services, and even when is the appropriate age to learn about Christ. Many Christians are often times wrongfully accused of violations they never committed and their places of gathering are not even respected. Last week the government demolished a megachurch stating that the church didn’t have the proper permits. Situations like the above mentioned occur too often with impunity.  

 1/17/2018 China (Standard Wire News) –  A court in Lincang, located in China’s southern Yunnan province, handed a group of church attendees lengthy prison sentences for supposed cult activity, despite their denials of belonging to the sect.

Upon hearing their verdict, Ju Dianhong and Liang Qin expressed their dissatisfaction with their respective 13 and 10-year sentences and vowed to appeal with the help of their lawyer, Xiao Yunyang. Ju emphasized that she had never heard of the Three Grades of Servants, the religious sect under which the authorities accused her of leading, recruiting members, doing missionary work, and spreading news of the apocalypse; nor did she know the definition of the word “cult.” She said she only believed in and preached about Jesus, never harming anyone or acting contrary to biblical principles.

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