China Continues Investigation into Lawyers Helping Jailed Christians in Yunnan

ICC Note:

A group of Christians in China has been accused of belonging to a cult and are now in jail. This is not the first time the government wrongfully accuses a group of Christians and punishes them without probable cause. Unfortunately, the communist government is also trying to punish the lawyers defending them as part of their efforts to strictly control Christianity in China.

1/17/2018 China (Christian Daily) – There are currently 40 Christians still being prosecuted for their supposed involvement in the Three Grades of Servants religious organization, which the Chinese Communist Party labeled as a dangerous cult. However, officials in the province of Yunnan have recently accused their lawyers of defending them illegally and have called for a review of their qualifications, China Aid detailed.

It is worth noting that 10 of the Christians have not yet been tried and that each of them has the right to have access to a lawyer. Meanwhile, 13 of the cases were heard in November in Lincang, but there is still no verdict out on them.

Despite the accusation by Yunnan officials, lawyer Xiao Yunyang said he and his colleagues will still defend their Christian clients. He also shared that they were trying to come up with a back-up plan for their situation.

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