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Nearly 100 al-shabaab terrorists entered a village in Lamu on Sunday. According to the locals, who have now fled the area, the terrorists gathered all of the villagers together and lectured them for over an hour. After this, the terror group left. The villagers are now living in Kiunga town, but they are having a hard time surviving. They fear that all of their possessions and homes in Ishakani village, the area they left, will be stolen or destroyed. However, they promise that they will not return to their homes unless the government establishes local police and place a KDF military base nearby. 

01/17/2018 Kenya (AllAfrica) Families who fled from Ishakani Village in Lamu East and sought refuge in Kiunga Town for fear of being attacked by Al-Shabaab terrorists are facing acute food and water shortage.

The about 70 families fled Ishakani at the border of Lamu and terror-prone Somalia following the Sunday morning incident where about 100 heavily armed suspected Al-Shabaab militants stormed their village, gathered locals in one place and lectured them for over an hour.

Speaking to Nation on Tuesday, the mainly fishermen said they have nothing to eat or drink since they cannot do anything in Kiunga to earn a living.

The families fled from Ishakani, five kilometres away, leaving most of their valuables.



By Monday, the village was completely deserted.

They feared their properties in Ishakani will be looted if the government does not provide security.

They vowed never to go back to Ishakani until the government establishes police and Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) camps in the area. 


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