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ICC Note: Christianity in China is strictly monitored by the government. Many are sent to prison for assembling without permission since it is prohibited for more than 2 people to gather for religious purposes. At least 80 percent of Christians in China are part of unregistered churches to prevent the government from controlling them. However, even those that associate with Christians run the risk of being discriminated or threatened by the government.

 1/16/2018 China (Christian Post) –  Lawyers who represent dozens of Christians arrested in China could lose their legal certifications after they were accused of illegally defending their clients.

The Chinese Christian persecution watchdog group China Aid reported over the weekend that attorneys who represent 40 Christians arrested during a crackdown on so-called “cult” activities over the last year have been informed that their qualifications will come under the review of officials in China’s Yunnan province.

According to China Aid, over 200 people were arrested across Yunnan province for their alleged involvement in the religious organization Three Grades of Servants.

The TGS organization is one that has been deemed a cult by the Chinese Communist Party

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