North Korea is on the top list of dangerous places for Christians

ICC Note: Christians in North Korea live under the brutal regime of the Kim family. Unfortunately, Christians are considered hostile elements to society that have to be eradicated. This hostile environment towards Christians on behalf of the government has made North Korea a dangerous place for them to live and practice their religion.

 1/15/2018 North Korea (Daily Signal) – As if North Korea weren’t taking up enough headlines, Open Doors USA just added another one: Kim Jong Un’s country is topping the list of the world’s “Most Dangerous Places to Be a Christian.”

Of course, the distinction is nothing new for the regime, which has owned the No. 1 spot for the last 15 years. “Nearly one of every 12 Christians in the world today lives in an area, or in a culture, in which Christianity is illegal, forbidden, or punished,” Open Doors President David Curry explained. In North Korea, where 50,000 people are suffering in prison or labor camps for their faith, few are surprised.

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