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ICC Note: Christians in China experience heavy persecution from Muslims and Tibetan Buddhist, who see them as a threat to their society. In the last few years, several Christian churches have been demolished by the government with the excuse of expired permits, illegal paperwork, and many other unjustified reasons. The government tries to monitor and control Christians in China to prevent them from growing or expanding as a religion.

 1/15/2018 China (Financial Review) –  Chinese police officers have demolished one of the country’s largest evangelical churches, using heavy machinery and dynamite to raze the building where more than 50,000 Christians worshipped.

Global Times, a state newspaper, described the building’s destruction as part of a “citywide campaign to remove illegal buildings” and quoted an unidentified official as saying that the church had been “secretly” constructed without proper permits and was initially disguised as a warehouse.

The Golden Lampstand Church in Shanxi province was one of at least two Christian churches demolished by authorities in recent weeks, part of what critics describe as a national effort to regulate spiritual life in China.

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