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Tanzania has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. UNICEF estimates that nearly one-third of all girls in Tanzania are married before they turn 18 and five percent are married before they even turn 15. This is despite the constitution in Tanzania being changed to make marriage before 18 illegal. Many of these children are forced into this by their parents creating arranged marriages. Thankfully, 80 young girls were rescued from this recently, when the government found that they were going to be taken out of school. Many of the parents have been arrested. We pray these children continue to be protected and that more will be as well.


2018-01-15 Tanzania (AllAfrica) AN officer from the region’s education department says authorities here have dissolved at least 80 premature and arranged marriages that could have affected girls already selected to join secondary schools next month.

The 80 would-be wives, victims of premature, arranged marriages were part of the 29,624 children who will be joining secondary schools next January after successfully completing seven years of primary education this year.

In Arusha alone, some 15,409 girls are enrolled for secondary education in 2018. However, around 80 of them could have missed such opportunity if their parents and potential in-laws had succeeded in formalising their ill-founded arranged marriage affairs.

Arusha regional education officer, Mwalimu Gift Kyando revealed here that the 80 girls lined up for early marriages were from records gleaned across the entire region, but that some wards and districts were more notorious for arranged ‘marriages’ than others, notably, Mwandeti; Oljoro; Musa and Olorieni Wards of Arusha rural district.



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