Muslims Students Riot and Destroy Town Over Arrest of Sheikh

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A group of Islamic students rioted, burning down churches and business in Marsabit Town, Kenya, because a local sheik was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Police. Sheikh Guyo Gorsaikh has been arrested once before by the anti-terrorism officials because he is suspected of radicalizing youth in Kenya and recruiting for al-Shabaab, one of the top three most active terrorist organizations in the world. The students of the Sheikh have proven that they are at least will to burn down a town in order to follow their leader. This shows that the police’s concerns are justified.


2018-01-14 Kenya (Nation) Property of unknown value was destroyed in Marsabit Town while two people were killed on Saturday after youth demonstrated following the arrest of a local sheikh by the Anti-Terrorism Police.

Sheikh Guyo Gorsa was arrested in the town centre and the youth, most of whom were his madrassa students, followed the sheikh and officers to the police station. But officers later drove them out of the police station.

Police sources confirmed that the Anti-Terrorism Police arrested the sheikh.

Sheikh arretsed in Marsabit.


As they went away, they destroyed property of KCB Bank and stormed into the Catholic Church, where they broke windows and chairs.

They also beat up and injured the guard at the church.



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