Hindu Nationalist Leader in India Calls on Followers to Buy Guns to Protect Hinduism

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A Hindu nationalist leader in western Uttar Pradesh has called on his followers to purchase guns and not mobile phones to protect Hinduism against “evil forces”. The leader went on to explain that it was right for Hindu nationalists to be armed in order to protect their religion. Radical Hindu nationalism is the main driving force behind the rise of religious intolerance in India. The extreme ideologies of Hindu nationalism teach that India has a Hindu only nation and other religions, especially those seen as foreign religions, must be pushed out of the country. Government authorities have done little to confront radical Hindu nationalist groups, even when caught openly attacking religious minority communities. Will India’s government continue to allow radical Hindu nationalists to operate with near complete impunity? 

01/10/2018 India (National Herald) – In a bizarre statement, Bajrang Dal leaders in western Uttar Pradesh have asked Hindus to purchase guns and not mobiles to protect Hindu religion as “evil forces persists in India”. An appeal was also issued asking Hindus to visit Hanuman temples and not `Mazars’.

The statement came from Balraj Singh Dungar, regional coordinator of Bajrang Dal, who said during a Sant Samaj Sammelan in Meerut that Hindu dharma was in peril because evil forces were raising their heads. “If you are a true Hindu, take a vow to protect your religion. So, instead of purchasing a new mobile, purchase a gun,” he said in the meeting.

He did not specify who the evil forces were but talked about “love jihad” and how this practice was spreading its tentacles.

Dungar said that all Hindu Gods and Goddesses have arms to protect the society and religion from evils. “If Hindu Gods have arms, what’s wrong if we (Hindus) get arms and ammunition? These are not for attack but to defend ourselves,” he said.

In the same meet, the Maha-mandaleshar of Sankat Mochan Hanuman Sri Balaji and Sri Shani Dham Peeth, Mahendra Das, said Hindus should not visit `mazars’. They should admire the divine power of Lord Hanuman and visit Hanuman Temples.

The statement of Bajrang Dal came at a time when the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has launched a massive enrolment campaign where volunteers were enrolled in Bajrang Dal at special camps held across Uttar Pradesh.

At present, there are around 10 million active Bajrang Dal members in the country and the target was to increase it to 40 million. In UP alone, the target of the Sangh Parivar is to enrol 1.2 million new Bajrang Dal members.

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