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The Nigerian Army stopped a triple suicide bombing from taking place in Borno State recently. Sadly, the suicide bombers involved were all young girls who were said to be targeting Gamboru Ngala area of Borno. Two of the girls were shot by the military in their attempt to attack the target. The third was taken into custody and all three bombs were defused. This is a continuation of Boko Haram’s use of children in Suicide bombings that saw a nearly 100% increase last year compared with 2016.


2018-01-10 Nigeria (AfricaNews) The Nigerian Army has reported averting a suicide bomb attack in Borno State, the heartland of the Boko Haram insurgency.

The attack which involved three young girls was unsuccessful after soldiers identified and shot two of the girls and arrested the other.

The Army’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team (EOD) subsequently diffused the suicide vests strapped on the two girls.

A number of people in the Gamboru Ngala area where the attack was believed to be targeted at, were seen looking on as a soldier diffused the bomb on one of the shot girls.



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