Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Sudan has extended its ceasefire with the Christian Majority people of Kardofan until March of 2018. This area has been in conflict with the central government of Sudan since South Sudan gained it freedom in 2011. This conflict has caused many deaths directly, but has also caused the area many issues by destabilizing and destroying infrastructure, causing a food shortage along with the drought, and forcing most of the population to become IDP’s. Hopefully this extension to the ceasefire will allow the people to normalize their lives and may help end the war all together.


2017-09-03 Sudan (WorldWatchMonitor) An extension to Sudan’s ceasefire with rebel fighters in the Kordofan region has given an opportunity for communities there to plant for this year’s harvest and avoid severe food shortages.

Sudan’s president has extended the unilateral ceasefire until the end of March, reports Reuters.

The latest break in Sudan’s long-running conflict began in December and was described by the United States as “the last chance for the implementation of the peace process”. The progress made by Sudan to resolve internal conflict was recognised in October when the US lifted 20-year-old sanctions.



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