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ICC Note: Communist Cuba continues to impose restrictions on religious activities. Pastors and other religious leaders fear repercussions from the government if they express opposition to the severe regulations on Christians. Many Christians in Cuba even fear celebrating their Christmas holiday because of the threats from the communist government.  

 1/9/2018 Cuba (World Watch Monitor) –  Christmas in communist Cuba is a quiet affair; you won’t hear carols in the streets or on television, except for during one concert involving the Churches that is broadcast on Christmas Day. Catholic churches may hold a Christmas Mass, and some Evangelical churches will celebrate Christmas on their own premises but not in public spaces. Other Evangelical churches don’t hold Christmas services because years of fierce government restrictions led some pastors to abandon their liturgical calendar.

For many Cubans, bigger than Christmas is the anniversary of the revolution, 1 January. So on 31 December, towns come alive with street parties and dancing. Many churches sidestep these festivities by holding all-night services.

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