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In 2008, a revered Hindu spiritual leader, Swami Laxamanananda, was killed. Enraged Hindus began parading the leader’s body throughout India, spreading rumors that Christians had killed him. In response to those rumors, Hindus in the Kandhamal district of Odisha launched a series of violent attacks that killed almost 100 Christians and destroyed hundreds of churches and thousands of homes. Thousands of Christians were displaced in one of the worst sequences of persecution in India’s history. There are still 7 Christians imprisoned for the false charge of murder. Now, a social activist has published a book stating that Hindus killed Swami Lazamanananda in order to blame Christians. He cites evidence of the conspiracy. Hindus are trying to silence him and his book, but hopefully, people will begin to bring justice and assistance to Christians falsely accused and brutally victimized since 2008.

01/08/2018 India (UCA News) – Prafulla Samantara, a prominent social activist, has thrown up a public challenge to disprove the findings of a book which claims a “fraud’ in the police investigation on the murder of Swami Laxmanananda in 2008 and jailing seven innocent Christians for the crime without proper evidence.

He was speaking at the release of the revised edition of the book ‘Who Killed Swami Laxamanananda?’ authored by senior journalist Anto Akkara in Bhubaneswar Jan. 4 before more than three dozen journalists

The book has drawn a lot of national attention since its first edition – exposing the Hindu nationalist fraud carried out in remote Kandhamal district of Odisha and travesty of justice with 7 innocent Christians languishing in jail since 2008 – was released in May 2016.

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