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A Christian Ugandan Family was gathering to celebrate Christmas, when a couple of their Muslim neighbors brought some gifts. These gifts consisted of food. The mother of the Christian family was astonished and thankful for the gifts. She then started to make their Christmas meal. After the meal was ready, she tasted the food and within minutes became very ill. She was rushed to the nearest hospital by her family. When the authorities checked the food it was found to be poisoned. The Muslim Neighbors admitted to attempting to kill the family, because they had left Islam several years before.


2018-01-06 Uganda (MorningStarNews) A Christian mother of five in eastern Uganda was pleasantly surprised when two Muslim neighbors visited her on Christmas morning with gifts of sugar, salt, soap, matchboxes, groundnuts and cooking oil.

Nafamba Bongo Madina, whose children range in age from 5 to 14, thanked Taaka Hajira and the other Muslim neighbor in Gayaza village, Kabuna Sub-County, Budaka District, for the goods. When the lunch hour approached, Madina began preparing some food with the oil she had received.

Before serving lunch to family members, including an in-law unnamed for security reasons, she first tasted the food. Within minutes she began vomiting.

“When she started screaming and was continuously vomiting, I called in a taxi and rushed her to Kabuna dispensary, where it was found that she had been poisoned,” the in-law told Morning Star News.

Madina was treated and discharged after spending a night in the health center.

After she returned, Madina’s relatives took the cooking oil to the center for analysis, where it was found to contain poison, the relative said.



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