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A mother and daughter in Northern Nigeria have been accused of kidnapping in an attempt by the husband, who converted to Islam a few years ago, to force his family to convert as well. According to the wife, her husband converted in 2012 in order to get a job that he wanted. The government in Kano, Nigeria, where they live, is controlled by Sharia law and discriminates against those who are not Muslim. This caused tension, because she and their children are still Christian. They are now being forced to convert, or else they will be punished.


2018-01-04 Nigeria (MorningStarNews) A Christian woman and her adult daughter face kidnapping charges filed to pressure them into following the family patriarch’s conversion to Islam, sources said.

Amina Isa, 40, of Kano state’s Gidan Kuran village in Tudun Wada Local Government Area, told Morning Star News that her husband left Christianity to obtain a government job, and that he and other Muslim officials have pressured her to convert to Islam by filing false kidnapping charges against her and her 21-year-old daughter.

The mother of five children said her husband, Garba Usman, converted to Islam in 2012 as a precondition for appointment as ward head in their village.

“They told him that he cannot be appointed as a ward head because he’s a Christian, and that if he converts to Islam, he’ll be appointed the ward head,” Isa said. “I advised him against changing his religious faith for worldly position, but after much pressure from Muslims in our area, he succumbed to the demand and became a Muslim.”

She had told him that she would not convert to Islam along with him, she said.

“I reminded him that he should remember that all my family members are Muslims, but that I am the only Christian in that family, and that I married him because he was a Christian like me, so I cannot now convert to Islam simply because the Muslims have appointed him a ward head,” she said.



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